What to see in vienna

Few years ago  I were in Vienna with my girlfriend. We went there for three days. I have to say that if you don’ want to see a lot of museums towo nad days is enough.

Hotel in Wien

Hotel in Wien are very expensive. We found privete accomodation for 30 Euro per personnext to Belvedere. Therefore we could go to city centrum walking.

But i were happy because we lived in very luxury flat, but not room. Our room was very low, without door and under loft. I hink that we lived in the old nobility family.

Now i understood what german stolen from polish professores in the duration of the Second World War in Lviv.

Museums in VIenna

I have to say that i liked oe museum called Belveder. The firt i met there a polish woman from the stuff. The soecodn there were abig painting: “Napoleon on the Horse”. It is one of the most famous painting s in the histry. We paid 6,5 Euro for visits only this picture. Of course there are also another paintings and scultpure but it was not so interesting.

My girlfriend liked very much picture Gustav Klimt “The kiss”. I don’t like but she like. 🙂

The secod musum which i like is SchoSchoenbrunn Palace. The ticket is not so cheap even for studets. But it was very interesting to see the home one of te most powerful and famous royal family in Europe and I think on te World.

Unfortunately we had not enough time to visit garden .The second hand it was cold and we had no willing to long walk through garden. 

If you are outside Eurpe can you write in the comments if you were learned about Habsburg duynasty on the lectures?

I have to say that one ofthe bstplace which i remeber from Vienna is KarlzPlatz which we called Weirdplatz. You can meet there public toilet with where is played mozart music. Bt more mazing are the people who you can meet there. They wre very weird. They drink aand i think that some of them like take drug.

But i have to say that Vienna people are very nice.

Another place which made impressive on me was Catherdal. It was evening and dark. The cathedral was very beatiful illuminated and big with beautiflu sculputers and shapes. It was really amazing.

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