Taiwan Welcome again

I have been in Taiwan sine one week. It is a wonderful country. The first time in my life I have seen so big mobs (the crowds). We had to wait in a big line to subway. You can see it on the picture. Inside we had to wait again in a big line.

Taipei 101 in Taiwan

The symbol of a Taiwan’s success.

taipei 101 entrance fee]

The proud of Taiwanese.
Entrance fee to Taipei 101 cost about 400 Taiwanese Dollars.

The crowd in MRT's station

There was many people. But organization was very well made. We came back very fast. However our friends returned very late.

MRT's train

I in MRT’s train. The ceiling is so small that I can touch it.

taiwan fruit beer

Taiwan fruit beer is very good. I taste more like juice with beer:)

Taipei's Restaurants fish

It is I in the restaurant in Taipei. There are very good fishes. I don’t like eat fish but there were very good.




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