About japanese food in Taipei

Today I would like to talk about Japanse restaurant in Taipei calles Sushi Express where we were with my girlfriend.

We went to a new open restaurant belong to chain sushiexpress. We were invited by two nice and smiled girls. I think that they are older than 18 years. But you have to admint that they doesn’t look like.

A smiles Taiwans girls welcomed you in Japanese restaurant in Taipei.

A smiles Taiwan’s girls welcomed you in Japanese restaurant in Taipei.



It is a number of people who ate in Japanese restaurant in Taipei

You can compare with a number of people in KFC

I have to say that a lot of people ate there. You can look on the picture below and compare with famous KFC. For moment I will tell you why. Image

The answer is simply: it is so good. I didn’t like japansese food until today. But I have to say that it taste better than food from KFC. I change my opinion.

About japanese foodin sushiexpress


A food moved slowly on this device.

It is salad. I think that it is potatoes salad. It tasted me very well.


It is fish with rice and something yellow. I don’t know what is it but it tastes also good. I liked fish on right but my girlfriend tasted on the left side.


It was also good. 🙂


You can see how it works on this picture.


It tastes also good for me. It is spawn (a fish eggs). It tasted a little bit sweet.


It is “barbecue” fish. Not bad.


you get a free, good tea. You need to push this button to pour water. The second time parked teat tasted better.Of course you can take a new teabag.



I have to say that I were surprised. My girlfriend got discount for used credit card. It is still seldom in my country.

For every plate we paid 30 TWD it is about 1$. Totally we paid 300 TWD for launch. It means the cost is equaled 10$. I think that i is good price. 



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