Pimsleur 10th day

The course is getting more and more interested.

I would like to say that I started to learn the numbers from one to ten from 10th lesson. :) I learned the numbers by expression of the time. For example I learn how to say one o’clock or eight o’clock.

I am now almost totally convinced that the course is good enough for foreigner to seduce a gorgeous  Taiwanese girls. From ten lessons I have learned how to invite somebody for lunch, dinner, restaurant  or flat. I also know  how to order tea, coffee or beer in a restaurant.

Unfortunately the Pimsleur course is not so easy as I thought on the start. Sometimes I have to listen lessons twice to understood and remember. Now I want to write down every new word. I will repeat new vocabulary from the last lesson before a new lesson.

It is very important to learn everyday. It may looks like very terrible but it is only 30 minutes to study. If I am concentrate on it very well, the time passes very fast. It helps a lot  in study because it allows to repeat sentences from previous lessons and don’t forget them. It made a a great progressive in Chinese study.

Sometimes it comes frustration. The people lost his willing for study.Firstly I always try to remember why I started study. And it helps me a lot. Secondly I am easier because I am in Taiwan and I liked this culture and language


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